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Hey, I'm Andy. I've spent the last 12 years setting up, scaling and selling multiple software businesses.


In 2016, I joined two others as one of the founding team of ContentCal, a social media marketing product. Over the course of five years, we raised over $10m, grew to be used by thousands of customers in over 100 countries, won numerous awards, and, at the end of 2021 were acquired by Adobe Inc.

The thing I'm most proud of? The educational content ContentCal had become known for - helping thousands of people understand and capture the power of social media every year.

In 2022, I published 'SOCIAL 3.0 - How forward-thinking B2B brands can unleash the power of social media' a book that condenses 6+ years of learning into a practical guide to help other businesses unlock the transformative power of social media. 

I always enjoy helping other businesses scale, whether that's through formal advisory roles, consultancy or just a casual conversation. If there's anything I can help with, just ask. 

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